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Hi I wanted to share with you a restaurant that I love going to in Bali & you will to when you join one of my tours, it will become one of your faves. This gorgeous restaurant is located in Seminyak & offers high tea, with cucumber sandwiches, yummy cup cakes, chocolate coated strawberries, short crust tarts filled with custard, decorated with strawberries & kiwi fruit, tiny little ginger bread men, plus lots more!!!

Yum!! Yum!!   (yes it is almost dinner time)

They offer over 40 different kinds of tea available (or Bubbles!) & along with the quaint crockery, floral cups with gold trim, tea pots with knitted colorful tea cosies (all straight out of granny's cupboard). They have the most magical napkins, where a little wooden tray with holes on in it is placed on the table, with tiny compressed fabric, you pour water into the holes, pop in the wad of fabric and Voila! they expand before your eyes!

Yes some of us are easily amused!

Another amazing aspect of this gorgeous restaurant besides the stunning interior of this 150 year old Teak Joglo ,is that you can have your tarot cards read when you book a high tea ! And we all want to know what the future has in store. A reading 150,000 IDR (AUD $15 approx) for 15 minutes. Fun for a girls afternoon out. Book now & come join me in experience this lovely restaurant 🍰

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